Senior Child Protection Worker

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Key Benefits

  • Qualifications

    As Specified Callings employees, Senior Child Protection Workers must have a relevant tertiary qualification to be appointed.

  • Salary and Conditions

    Working as a Senior Child Protection Worker attracts a competitive salary, with annual increases as you progress through increments; as well as generous allowances in some roles (depending on location).

  • Career Pathways

    Senior Child Protection Workers have opportunities to expand their careers into specialist areas, or to more senior positions such as Team Leaders.

  • Learning and Development

    Senior Child Protection Workers have access to ongoing, contemporary training in Signs of Safety and complementary areas, through our Learning and Development Centre.

  • "I have the unique opportunity to work with Aboriginal people in the community, and learn about the local culture. I truly understand and respect their beliefs and values – a key success factor for aspiring child protection workers."

    Jinoe Senior Child Protection Worker Kununurra
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